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Why choose Walker Specialties?

Walker Specialties Innovates

We bring you the industries best products, and we make it simple!

We always offer our professional insight to save you money, and make the most out of your project. Our team can offer advice and alterations to cut costs and deliver a great looking finished product that will perform and last!

The one stop solution!The one stop solution!

Your project comes to life from start to finish with Walker Specialties. We purchase and use an extensive variety of fabrics and materials in our manufacturing, and install everything with experienced Union Carpenters. Renovation and construction can be a long process, so we aim to keep things simple.

Working with the best!Working with the best!

For over 50 years we have delivered excellent customer satisfaction, and have worked with New England's biggest and finest Construction Companies, Architects, and Commercial Property Owners. We have a reputation for reliability and quality.

Intelligent Alternatives!Intelligent Alternatives!

Our designs save time and money, with long standing industry insight and experience, we are able to give our consumers intelligent alternatives to cut costs at no expense to quality. We always aim to bring you the lowest possible price!

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Walker Specialties Company Profile

Walker Incorporated, now Walker Specialties, was Established in 1957, aiming to bring quality services and products to the Greater New England area. Walker has it's own manufacturing facility where it produces window shades and stage curtains. All of the products carried are the finest available in the individual industries represented.
  • Walker Specialties is by far the largest manufacturer and installer of window treatments and stage curtains/equipment for schools in New England. The bulk of it's sales are in new school construction, with about half being in window treatments, fourty percent in stage curtains/stage equipment, and the balance in the other specialties that are offered. The main client base is Architects, Designers, General Contractors, and Municipalities. Walker Specialties offers performance and payment bonding as well.
  • Walker Specialties was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts, when two employees purchased the former Walker Incorporated. David Vincent (President) and James Purdie (Vice-President) were long time employees of Walker Incorporated. David served as a general manager for 13 years, and James as a field installation supervisor for 17 years, prior to the purchase. The former company had been in business for over 35 years. They changed the name of the company to better reflect the various products that are offered, including but not limited to window treatments, stage curtains, rigging, projection screens, window film, and visual display boards.
  • The company employs full time Union Carpenters for it's installations and performs all work with in house staff. All of the installers have been with the company since it's inception and worked for the previous company purchased in 1997. The two installation foremen have been with this and the former company for over 20 years.

    Walker produces quality products at the most economical pricing, installed by the best in the business!